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Proposals and Contracts

GoProposal was built by Sales and Marketing Professionals, with Sales and Marketing people in mind. Creating Proposals & Contracts has always been the one element that ALL Sales and Marketing people hate to have to create, write and include all of the different legal terms & conditions with your proposed pricing and send to your client for review and acceptance.

  • Create New Proposals and Contracts
  • Create New Document Templates
  • Import a Template from Library
  • Import Media, Graphics & Videos
  • Create Collaborative Teams
  • Full Image & Video Libraries
  • Create Client Profiles
  • Create Product and Services Catalog
  • Send Proposals & Contracts for electronic acceptance & signitures
  • and So Much More

Built-In Custom Item / Service Pricing Calculator

GoProposal's built-in Pricing Calculator eliminates the guess work of Pricing and Gross Profits of your products and/or Services. Our proprietary Pricing Calculator allows you to create pre-determined pricing scenarios or create a new pricing matrix for any type of product or service you need to be included into your Proposal or Contract.

Imagine eliminating the time & guess work out of how to price your items & services and what your True Gross Profit is going to be:

  • Price by GP%
  • Add a Discount % and see both regular price & discount price along with you GP $ for both
  • Add a Referral payout
  • Ability to have initial pricing for services that have setup charges
  • Ability to see monthly pricing when on-going pricing is different than the set-up pricing
  • See Profit without Discount and with Discount
  • See Profit with Discount and without Discount for recurring pricing
  • Add Outsourcing costs
  • Add Internal costs such as administrave costs
  • See Quoted Price, Discounted Price, One time Price, Monthly price all at a glance
  • Add Notes, product/service descriptions including external linking to webpages
  • And Much More

Marketing Price Guide

Add Items

Edit Price Guide fixed items

Proposals and Contracts

Custom Flexibility

Create the layout you want for your Proposals and Contracts in seconds.

  • Add pre-made Proposals and Contracts to your Template Library
  • Add Graphics & videos in any location of your Document
  • Add your Pricing with descriptions and external links from My Catalog
  • Add client profile information for either B2C or B2B formats
  • Send you documents for acceptance or signitures securely and electronically
  • Once documents have been sent No changes can be made to the initial document for added security

Fully Responsive

GoProposal will adjust to any screen size. It will look great on mobile devices and on desktops at the same time. No need to worry about the UI, just stay focused on your closing your deal with your client whether your or your client are using a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Cellphone.

Built-In Custom Item / Service Pricing Calculator

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Full Compatibility

Compatible with desktops, smartphones and tablets, browsers and operating systems.

Ready to use Templates

GoProposal comes with ready to use, edit and customizable templates.

  • Full Proposals
  • Quick Proposals
  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Recurring Credit Card Authorizations
  • Stock Graphics
  • Categories
  • Proposal & Contract types

All are fully editible and customizable. All graphics are Royalty Free for you use.

Custom Flexibility