About Us

GoProposal was the result of many years in sales and marketing, having to respond to requests for quotes, pricing and contracts. You know the very elements that are the life blood of a sales & marketing company, yet the very same thing that every salesperson and marketer struggle and procrastinate with.

Well we had enough of that and felt so did you. We always thought, why we couldn’t have a single place that held all of the marketing materials we as salespeople needed for any type of sales circumstance we came across, with pre written responses, videos, graphics, which could be pulled together and tell our story to our client and close the sale.

But then, we also thought about words alone is not enough, we have to include our selling prices, so after reflecting how we normally came to a sales price, it included a pad of paper, a pencil, an eraser and a calculator and the worst part TIME.

Ever been there and done that, do I use markup or GP, wait, I don’t know the difference (yes there are more sales people out there that do not know what GP pricing is) and then once we looked at our initial pricing, out comes the eraser and then we looked up and just spent 3-4 hours trying to figure out our pricing and were still not any closer than we were when we started.

With that, all that in mind we created a pricing calculator that once you have all of your products and/or service input, you only have to plug in you GP desired, a discount and/or a referral percentage and hit “Calculate” and you’re done. Change your mind, go back to a single cell change the number hit calculate and there you have it and with all of the information you need to see, cost, profit with no discount, profit with discount, 1 off price, recurring price, monthly on-going price, referral amount you are giving to your referrer, sell price with & without discount.

Once done with pricing, go back and bring in the content you want from the template library, add graphics and/or videos and then check off the items you are quoting and bring them into your proposal and you are done.

Hit submit and your proposal is sent to your client electronically, for acceptance and signatures and all is time stamped and return to you with acceptance and signed off.

We built GoProposal to be easy quick and time effective to make the creation of proposals and contracts and close the sale so you have more time to concentrate what brings in your paycheck, being in front of potential clients and not ripping off another page of that tablet to start all over again.

Oh, did we say there is much more to GoProposal than we described here, will there is and there is a lot more, so take GoProposal for a Free Trial Drive and let us know what you think, we are always looking for ideas to make it more effective and less time consuming.